The Heats


The heats take place in the BBC Tent each night from 8:15 pm. Free entry, all welcome. The winner of each heat will progress to the Final, on Saturday August 29th at 8 pm in the BBC Bubble. Entry free but ticketed, register in advance.


Monday August 24: Paula Varjack, Calum Rodger, Sara Hirsch, Harry Baker, Katherine McMahon, Jah-Mir Early


Tuesday August 25: Big Charlie Poet, Suky Goodfellow, Dan Simpson, Adele Hampton, Bram Gieben, Catherine Wilson


Wednesday August 26: Caroline Teague, Toby Campion, Carmina Masoliver, Mark McGhee, Cat Brogan, Gilbert Francois


Thursday August 27: Keith Jarrett, Claire Ferguson-Walker, Scott Tyrrell, Kayo Balogun, Jake Wild Hall, Daisy Thurston-Gent