The Poets

70 poets signed up to compete in this year's BBC Fringe Slam. We only have room for 24 poets. Find out who our 24 poets are below! More info on each poet to follow.

Suki Goodfellow                Katherine McMahon         Big Charlie Poet                  Jake Wild Hall

Kayo Balogun                     Caroline Teague                 Keith Jarrett                        Mark McGhee

Claire Ferguson-Walker   Paula Varjack                     Dan Simpson                        Gilbert Francois

Catherine Wilson              Daisy Thurston-Gent         Calum Rodger                      Toby Campion

Cat Brogan                          Adele Hampton                  Scott Tyrrell                          Harry Baker

Sara Hirsch                         Carmina Masoliver             Bram Gieben                        Jah-Mir Early